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Movin’ On Out provides professional moving assistance over local and long distances. We know additional help is a necessity when it comes to lifting and moving heavy furniture into a new home or office. The best way to keep your furniture and back ship-shape is to hire experienced furniture movers. It’s natural that many people try to arrange their furniture themselves, but it can result in damages, scratches, and even injuries. Furniture that is fragile or has decorative pieces and coverings needs to be handled correctly. Our movers have completed training on best practices of moving furniture efficiently and safely. We can easily deliver your possessions no matter the size and distance they travel.

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Our furniture moving services are included in your home or office move.

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Move Your Furniture Safely Across Any Distance

When you decide to move, distance plays an important role when it comes to keeping your furniture and possessions safe while moving. The longer your possessions have to travel, the more time it takes to correctly distribute in a truck or van for tight holding. Wobbling and lack of sturdiness is a contributing cause to furniture damage while moving. Our dedicated and careful Sioux Falls movers always secure each piece with padding and reliable straps to hold your furniture in place on-the go.

You may think that it is difficult to find an affordable moving company, but the type of company you choose is key to your satisfaction. We charge no hidden fees. You can be confident when you hire our Sioux Falls moving company the price we give in our quote is the price you pay, and can be changed only if you make alterations to the list of moving services ordered.

Moving Services You Can Count On

Turning to a reliable furniture moving company as Movin’ On Out will guarantee a great experience and result of work. Our Sioux Falls moving company offers different moving services such as packing, lifting, transporting, loading and unloading so you have many moving solutions in one place.

You don’t have to worry when hiring us:  

  • All our movers are fully vetted, with company uniforms, identity cards and references, all available for you to inspect.
  • Each employee undergoes fitness and personality testing before he/she can become a part of our team and goes through intense training.  

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